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By taking this sticker, you not only find your lost belonging but also find the person who find it. If you want your belonging to be found and returned back to you, don’t lose time, start now!
How? So simple.

  • Buy The Sticker Put the "Find The Finder" sticker on your belonging.
  • Activate Your Sticker Login from your computer or phone. Register with the user code on the sticker.
  • Contact The Finder When your belonging is found, the finder enters his/her information into the system and the system sends this information to you. The only thing you should do then, is to contact the finder.

You can get your belonging safely

When your belonging is found, the finder enters his/her information into the system and the system send this information to you. The only thing you should do then is to contact the finder.


  • Does my membership start after getting my sticker?

    Your membership starts by sending the registration form to the system through www.findthefinder.com web page with the code on your sticker.
  • How long my membership will be valid?

    Your membership will be valid as long as your sticker is “online”.
  • Do I pay a fee for the system membership?

    You do not pay any fee, as long as your sticker is “online”.
  • My lost belonging is found, do I pay any fee to system?

    www.findthefinder.com commits that you will not be charged for the belongings found.
  • I have more than one sticker; do I have to register for each sticker individually?

    You can activate multiple stickers with your user account.
  • Is it possible for me to cancel my registration and delete my account on the system?

    You can always cancel your registration and close your account.
  • I lost my belongings on which my sticker is tagged and I forgot my code. What should I do in this situation?

    You can access your information again through a link sent to your e-mail address provided by you during registration to www.findthefinder.com web page.
  • My e-mail address or SMS number has changed, am I able to update my information on the system?

    You can update your information whenever you want with the help of your password created on www.findthefinder.com web page.
  • I lost my belongings that I have tagged, is it possible for the person or entity who finds it to access my information?

    The person or entity who finds your tagged belonging reaches you via the www.findthefinder.com system. You define what information to share with the finder.
  • Although I entered my code on my sticker, I could not register, what is wrong with?

    Please fill out the contact form on the www.findthefinder.com web page, we will contact you as soon as possible.
  • Can "Find The Finder" sticker be removed easily from the thing I put it on?

    The "Find The Finder" sticker is produced from durable material for the safety of your belonging and therefore it cannot be removed easily.


  • The person who finds the lost goods is eligible to participate in the FindTheFinder contest program.

  • The person who finds lots of numbers of lost goods in the system is rewarded with a round trip to Northern Cyprus.

  • Contest winning results information will be notified to the winner via the e-mail address submitted to the system.

Testimonials Review of customers

  • Ozlem Gezeker Özlem Gezeker Lawyer Fantastic product! Its so nice to know my belongings are safe...
  • Rudolf Platte Rudolf Platte Businessman Im a forgetful person. Mostly I forget my belongings somewhere. But this is not a problem anymore.
  • Murat Turgut Murat Turgut Pilot Passengers forget their belongings in planes many times. Safety and time is crucial. Its really a very useful product for everyone.
  • Rahsan Turan Rahşan Turan Cardiologist I reached the person finding my sphygmomanometer in the hospital. Its really an amazing system and it works.

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